Bol u vratu

Spinoteka.HR centar za bolesti vrata pruža jedinstvene informacija o boli u vratu. Možda ste se jutros probudili s boli, možda patite od kronične boli mjesecima. U koju god skupinu ljudi pripadate, mi imamo ono što će Vam pojasniti Vaš problem i pomoći u izboru načina liječenja.

Ispitivanja i pretrage za bol u vratu

Call your spine specialist if you have neck pain that persists more than a few days or is severe and accompanied by other symptoms.

Činjenice i savjeti o boli u vratu

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Uzroci boli u vratu

You need to know what's causing your neck pain because that impacts your treatment options. As you probably know, there are a lot of ways to experience neck pain.

Simptomi boli u vratu

Neck pain is its own symptom. However, there are various ways to feel neck pain, and your symptoms depend on what is causing your pain and where it is affecting your spine.

Anatomija boli u vratu

Your head is a lot to carry around—it can weigh 8 pounds or more. Not only does your neck fully support all that weight, it enables you to nod your head, shake your head, and turn your head. No other part of your spine has the ability to move so much: 90° of forward motion, 90° of backward motion, 180° of side-to-side motion, and almost 120° of tilt to either shoulder.

Što je to bol u vratu?

During our lives, many of us will have neck pain, and most of us won't know exactly what caused it. In fact, neck pain can start from a whole range of causes. Maybe you slept funny and woke up with a crick that won't go away. You might've been rear-ended in your car and now you have whiplash. Perhaps you twisted it wrong one day in one of those high-intensity aerobic classes.