Stimulator leđne moždine (SCS) za suzbijanje boli u leđima

In spinal cord stimulation, a tiny programmable generator and electrical leads are implanted beneath the skin. Small electrical currents are applied to the areas of the spinal cord involved in pain. For reasons that are not completely understood, these electrical impulses interfere with the transmission of pain signals to the brain and relieve pain without causing the side effects that medications can cause.

Stimulator leđne moždine (SCS) - Da li je to pravi izbor za mene?

In the wide world of pain-relief treatment options, one that has been successful for many chronic back pain sufferers is spinal cord stimulation. In this therapy, electrical impulses are used to block pain from being perceived in the brain. Instead of pain, the patient feels a mild tingling sensation.

Stimulator leđne moždine (SCS) - Prednosti i nedostatci

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks, including:     * Infection    * Bleeding    * Headache    * Allergic Reaction    * Spinal Fluid Leakage    * Paralysis In addition, there are some risks that are specific to the spina...